When it comes to innovation in tech, Black and Brown entrepreneurs have been consistently emerging from the shadows of big brand corporate entities and creating new, efficient tools, services, and initiatives that amplify our desires to see and be more, as it relates to out of the box thinking and execution from more people who look like US. It seems now, more than ever, Black entrepreneurs are taking the necessary steps to create what we don’t see; filling voids in our communities with opportunities and resources that we have lacked that can also be lucrative to other communities and professional markets. Understanding that there are many ways we can expand our reach, build the unknown, and pay ourselves and others well. Black innovators are building generational wealth one idea at a time and it is refreshing, to say the least. When you think of tech, innovation, creativity, and overall genius, you have to mention brands like Lavii, Inc.


Lavii, Inc. is a Black owned food vending service that is amazingly unconventional and very effective. The food preservation company creates food lockers that help to make your restaurant takeout experience swift yet unforgettable! Imagine this: you order takeout from your local restaurant and instead of arriving and receiving cold food or waiting in line, even though you’ve ordered, you can just go to the food locker and your order is there waiting for you. A quick check in process on the innovative locker design and your food is ready to go! It’s just that simple and makes the world of a difference when it comes to keeping customers satisfied with the service they receive. Yes, Lavii Smart Food Lockers are the next tech wave in food services!


Lavii, Inc. was founded by a Black, female engineer by the name of Rea Huntley who became overwhelmed with customer wait times and decided to do something about it. After a few design attempts and bringing on two business partners, James Bagley and Marcus Gunn, also Black engineers, Lavii was on its way to something great, in 2019. Now, I’m 2021 they have partnered with local Indy restaurants and food market installations to bring more customers their food with efficiency. 


Their latest partnership is with our very own sister-brand Melon Kitchen and we are beyond excited to see how influential their lockers are in the food service industry!


Stay tuned with us as we share more news on Lavii’s journey, in partnership with Melon Kitchen. We hear something amazing is cooking up 😉.

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