I have sat back and observed the out-pour from many, far and near, unveiling what they consider the failures or upsets of this past year. Many have proclaimed that 2020 had been one of the worst years they had ever experienced. Tons have suffered losses in many areas: loss of a job, loss of drive towards a goal, loss of a loved one to the pandemic or otherwise, and loss of hope in the country’s leadership. And I do concur, it had really been a tough 12 months, that is for sure. The year 2020 taught us to be grateful for what we have, while we have it; to honor our loved ones while they are still with us. It taught us that the media lies, A LOT, and that issues such as racism and bigotry are still very prevalent in America the free(ish). The year even taught me how to, firmly, remind people not to touch my hair (thank you, still, Solange) and that it is okay to have pride in my own body, culture, religion and not think twice about who has an issue with it because mind your business. Yet of all the lessons, both horrendous and empowering, I do believe that there are a few things that 2020 did NOT teach me. Let me recap a few lessons NOT learned, that I’ve been carrying through 2021:

  1. I did not learn how to be docile. I learned that being affirmative and having opinions is one of my greatest attributes. All year, every year, women are told what to do, too many times. We’ve been told what to wear, how to behave, when to procreate, and when to silence our voices in a room full of men. And with every attempt to control our lives, our power was amplified. I learned, over the last year, that I don’t have to conform to the standard of woman defined by a man who knows nothing of my plight. I learned that I can be as publicly & boldly passionate about my socioeconomic and political views as The Donald (maybe even more informed, but…whatever). I learned that I am not the most hated species on earth, but the most revered. I did not learn to be a pushover or a mute.
  2. I did not learn to be a “swagger jacker”. I learned that it is okay to gain inspiration from another and form ideas and trends of my own, without directly copying someone’s work. If there is one thing I got out of last year, it is the affirmation that inspiration is everywhere. But, in finding inspiration in others and their things, one must always give credit where it is due. I mean, that’s a big chunk of what we stand on at From Nap so it’s really just in me to move WITH LOVE. I believe an issue of current times is the lack of distinction. Many want to claim uniqueness but have said or done nothing to be set apart. You have to have vision of your own to make a mark that will be distinguished. No one ever discovered anything or anywhere new by walking in the footsteps of someone who has already trod the path. Model their grit but don’t try to build on their land. Go get your own and celebrate others along the way.
  3. I did not learn to win. I learned to DOMINATE and not say sorry. Winning is just a brief moment of victory. I can win a thing once and have no claim to it ever again. But, if I have conquered something, that is victory everlasting. It  says that not only have I beat this, but I have grown beyond it. I BEAT 2020. Now, 2021 has been about opportunities for elevation, defeat of bad habits & ill-willed people, and talking good sh*t because I can back it up!

Thank you, 2020, for all the adversity. I don’t miss you and I ain’t got much for you except a diss. Bye, ugly.

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John Wolfe

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Johnny is the CEO and manager of Madison’s Accounting & Tax Services. He is committed to bringing financial resources to under represented individuals and business. He specializes in bookkeeping, credit repair, and tax preparation.

John Wolfe

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