March is International Women’s History Month and we knew that this year we wanted to celebrate not just any women, but Black women. Our team has felt like in recent times Black women have been asked to give so much and in return are given so little. We are told to change who we are, hide our gifts and close our mouths to avoid being labeled as aggressive, angry, or some other negative BS spun from male patriarchy. It is sick, it is sad, and it is not okay. So we decided to change it ourselves. It wasn’t enough to just tell the stories of amazing Black women, we needed to let them speak for themselves. So, after some thought and preparation, we reached out to some Indy women that we believe are doing amazing work in their respective fields. 

Say That Sis is a collective of conversations with Black women, serving as a space to do what much of the world seems too proud (or afraid) to do: champion the Black woman. We had the privilege of speaking with four women from different walks of life who also shared a common denominator: a determination to be the representation they wanted to see in the world and to put on for the city. These candid conversations where we learned about their childhood, their passion, their vision and their why allowed us to affirm the power and influence of the Black woman in ANY space, while also ensuring she knows she is heard, seen, and needed for more than domestic duties. These conversations allowed us to showcase the versatility of the Black woman by allowing them free space to promote their work, share their journey and encourage other women to keep going because someone needs what they have to offer. 

And we do! It can’t be stressed enough– this world would crumble without the Black woman. Our style, our nurture, our intuition and grit are all in the fibers of everything around us. WE are the stitches holding this thing together so maybe think twice before crossing us, yeah? Black women, sisters, mothers, aunties, nieces, grandmothers, cousins, bosses, business partners, vice presidents of the U.S. are essential AF and we are honored to share some of their stories with all of you. May you be inspired by them, as we have been. And may you be encouraged to pave your own bold way, as they continue to do.

Cheers to the Black woman. Happy International Women’s History!

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John Wolfe

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Johnny is the CEO and manager of Madison’s Accounting & Tax Services. He is committed to bringing financial resources to under represented individuals and business. He specializes in bookkeeping, credit repair, and tax preparation.

John Wolfe

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