Indianapolis has TONS of musical talent. But these artists don’t get the respect they deserve. And I’m fed up. So, let me vent a bit. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of the only references to Indiana being M*ke P*nce and those damn Indianimals. Let me be clear: WE DO NOT CONDONE THAT OVER HERE! But what we do allow is standing up for what we believe and I believe in Indy! Here’s why.


The city of Indianapolis has given the world some greats in the music industry. Babyface, Smokey Robinson, and the list goes on. Old heads, young bucks, we cover the spectrum of generations represented. Unfortunately, we almost always get the short end of the stick when it comes to recognition. That’s all gonna change TA-DAY! I want to take some time out to give people their flowers. Artists, creatives, entertainers etc. In no particular order, I know for certain that these are just a few of the stellar people in Indy need a shoutout for being dope and putting on for the city. There’s plenty more I can list, but my hand got tired… 


Nap has really been instrumental in the Midwest in changing the landscape of entertainment. Did we forget that Kanye kicked his Life of Pablo tour off here, in 2016? Those kinds of things don’t happen by chance; it’s strategic. I’ve worked in the industry for over 10 years with record labels like Def Jam and 300 Ent, managed stages for artists like Tee Grizzley and Meg the Stallion, and helped organize a ton of large music events during SouthxSouthwest and A3C. Trust me. I know how this works.  Nap is instrumental in the game.


I saw a need to highlight people in the city who are doing what they’re doing off the love of their craft. Not for recognition. All the no’s I’m sure they’ve heard has just pushed them to keep going. We recognize you. We salute you. We’re giving you your flowers, fam. So thank you all. Thank you for putting on for us. For setting the bar high for others who’re coming after you and for really just being a bomb ass representation of what creativity, artistry and entertainment is in Nap. Some haters will say we got the name Nap, because we’re slow and sleepy, but trust me when I tell you, people come to Nap to Wake TF up! #onmaryhadalillamb

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