The way this music is set up, I’m going to need an extra set of ears to enjoy it all!

Whether we are cleaning the house on an early Saturday morning, driving in the car on a cool summer day, or purging our souls of exes past with a good cry on a Friday night, one thing for certain and two things for sure, there is a soundtrack for virtually everything we experience in this life. Maybe it’s just me but, growing up in a Black family, I have always felt like music was just a part of me. It was in my home, school, church–music was everywhere, always, for all occasions. How could a song express my exact feelings without the writer even knowing I exist? I often think this when I find a new tune that seeps in my heart (or whatever Donnie McClurkin said). Our lives would not be the same had it not been for the artistry, bravery, transparency of singers and musicians to tell their stories, our stories, in song. What is even more unbelievable is that for many artists who make music that truly speaks to the souls of their listeners, they had not been receiving the accolades and support they deserve…until now. Here are seven music artists that we need to stop playin’ with and give them their just reward while they can still enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Jazmine Sullivan 

Although we are glad to see sis finally getting more play and looks, let’s just be real; a lot of people slept on Jazmine like a bad mattress and that is simply unacceptable. For years this vocal powerhouse was giving us all types of vibes and real feels with songs like “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” but we didn’t take the time to appreciate the beauty in her art like we needed to, then. Now, as she makes a GRAND reemergence onto the music scene with her latest EP “Heaux Tales”, Jazmine Sullivan is proving moreover why she deserves all the praise.



This dynamic duo has been serving looks and lyrics on the music scene, going under the mainstream radar for quite some time now but the buck stops here. VanJess is the singing duet of self-proclaimed soul-sisters who bring a very special flare to the music industry, tapping on old-school r&b to pique our nostalgia and mix it with their melodic voices that flow like butter. As this duet prepares to release new music during Black History Month, it is the perfect opportunity to hop on the bandwagon and become a fan. Trust me, you won’t hate it here.


Pj Morton

The son of a preacher and not just any preacher, the Bishop Paul Morton Sr, PJ followed in his father’s footsteps surely but not the ones that lead to the pulpit; he followed the steps that led him to music. For any real PJ Morton fans out there, you know his most recent rise to the spotlight has been building over the years. From his ties to music groups like Young Money and now Maroon 5, what is so special about PJ is that he has remained true to himself and sound. Even to a point where when the industry tried to convince him to change to be more mainstream, he refused and instead focused his more on creating his own sound. A voice comparable to Stevie Wonder making songs like “Go Through Your Phone” with a musician’s ear and pianist hand, PJ Morton is an artist that should be in rotation on every R&B playlist.



Best known for his role as the hard hitting girl dad Dre on the Starz hit series “Power”, what most don’t know but absolutely should know about Rotimi is that the actor is an absolutely amazing music artist. Diverting from the hard exterior he plays on television, Rotimi’s music is for lovers! Singles like “In My Bed” and the recently released romantic single “Love Somebody” will make you want to serenade your special someone while doing some afro-beats inspired dancing; it is totally a vibe and you ought to be ashamed if you’re not catching it.


Lucky Daye

Now if you’re anything like me, then you appreciate a singer with a good mid-range and Lucky Daye is one of those singers that has mastered it. Giving new generation Baby Face vibes, this talented singer makes music that feels good like hot soup in a New York winter. This is the artist to play when you want to get your girl back, fellas. He says everything you meant to or should, in the most soulful way. He also has a love for the oldies, sampling songs like Toni Braxton’s “Love Shoulda Brought You Home” and even collaborating with the actual Babyface himself. A soul legend in the making, get on board now so you can have tunes to play for valentine’s day.


Tobe Nwigwe

Honestly, if you have not heard of Tobe Nwigwe by now, where have you been? The Igbo rapper from TX that puts his whole team on, literally– his wife and best friend are apart of everything he does in music. And thankfully so because even though we know Tobe is one person as are Fat (wife) and Nell(super producer friend), the entire entity is what we love. Tobe Nwigwe does not create music for like, he creates for impact. Never have I ever had a song express my sentiments more perfectly than “Try Jesus”. Catering to the culture and how we feel, always in all ways, Tobe and the gang are building their empire out the mud and it is a fine time for the fruit of their labor to be harvested and enjoyed.



Talk about rich tenor tones that shake your core then you must mention Giveon. The singer has been steadily rising to the top collaborating with artists like Drake to make music that is croon worthy. The talent he possesses in his storytelling as a singer are sure to propel his career but we would me foolish to say he’s gotten enough play to date. We need and want so much more from the “Still Your Best” singer who helps us check our exes and our egos through his songs.

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