We don’t do it for likes . . . we do it for the LOVE


Our Mission and Vision

From Nap, With Love is a brand that embodies its name. A small organization under the Be Nimble Co. umbrella, FNWL is a community resource and information hub, highlighting all things Black Culture and Creativity related in the city of Indianapolis. FNWL is a real news platform that gives the insight and entertainment needed to ensure we are all up to speed on what is REALLY happening in OUR city, as it pertains to OUR people. This $#!+ is really for us.


When we say from Nap, with LOVE– we mean it. The work we do, the people we celebrate, the events we showcase and host, the community we work diligently to build and maintain– it is all about the love we have for the city, being from the city. This is our way of sharing all that we are with the world; letting people know that there is more to Nap than Mike Pence and fireworks. We have the innovation, the skill, the vision, and the grit to be a powerhouse that never forgets where we came from because where we came from is essential to where we’re going and WHO WE ARE. We are the real spark and playmakers of the city and we want to make sure everybody knows it. Out the hood, out the mud, out of Nap, and on the frontlines.

Meet The Team

FNWL is apart of a larger collective of critical Black playmakers but here are the few key people that make this shit shake, regularly

Tyler Lawrence

Content Manager

"If you think I’m shining too bright, close your eyes "



Program manager

"Top 2, and I'm not 2"


Givon Dickerson

LEad designer

"Trust Your Struggle"


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